Responsive Template For OpenCart Store

By Kulerthemes

Arcu is a responsive OpenCart theme that infinitely customisable and therefore aesthetically versatile to your potential brand. Built with a modern and unique design, our goal is to help you create an amazing store for your business with this amazing theme.

Every bit of screen space is used and the result can be downright mesmerizing!

How to install Arcu?

You don’t have to overwrite or modify OpenCart core files when installing and upgrading Arcu as the theme is located in a separate folder (named Arcu) from the OpenCart core structure.

In order to install Arcu, follow these steps:

  • Download to your computer. The folder contains 4 folders: Licensing, Documentation, Design and Installation
  • Installation / 1.5.4.x - use this folder if the version of your OpenCart installation is 1.5.4 or
  • Installation / 1.5.5.x - use this folder if the version of your OpenCart installation is 1.5.5 or
  • In each folder, you will see folders modules and theme
  • Upload the folder theme to catalog/view/theme on your web hosting via FPT.

You’ve uploaded Arcu to your OpenCart store.

How to activate Arcu?

Once you’ve installed Arcu to your host, you need to make it your default store. Follow these steps:

  • Open your browser, go to to get access to the OpenCart admin.
  • Login with your admin user name and password.
  • Choose System >> Settings in the menu tab in the OpenCart admin.
  • Click Edit link in Your store (default) in the Settings page.
  • In tab Store, choose Arcu as your default store theme.

How to install our OpenCart modules?

In the installation file, you will see folder modules together with folder theme. There are 4 OpenCart modules enclosed in it including the following folders:

  • Kuler CP
  • Kuler Newsletter
  • Kuler Socialicons
  • Kuler Product List

These ones are developed to support the theme functions. You need to install, activate and configure them.

In this section, I will take Kuler Control Panel (Kuler CP) as a sample to instruct you how to install OpenCart modules to use with Arcu. You do the same steps with the rest.

  • Extract the file to folder.
  • Open the folder and see two files admin and catalog
  • Upload these files under the public_html folder of your hosting account (you can use FTP to upload)
  • Go to your OpenCart Admin. Choose Extensions >> Modules and you will see Kuler CP in the module list.
  • Click Install link on the right side of Kuler CP.

Kuler CP has been installed to your store. The next step is to configure the module, click Edit link and follow us on the next section.

How to configure the modules?

In this section, we will show you how to configure each of our modules to make it work with Arcu. All guides will be provided in Videos convenience.

We give 5 OpenCart modules in total and you can find them all in the installation package.

Kuler Control Panel

An easy-to-use control panel for OpenCart that helps you manage theme settings easily. You can use Google Fonts, display payment icons, and create your own copyright text. Also many unbelievable features are waiting to be discovered.

Kuler Newsletter

Provides an easy way for your visitors to sign up to your MailChimp list. Simply provides your MailChimp’s API key, choose an appropriate list and you’re ready to go.

Kuler Advanced HTML

One of hottest Kulerthemes modules for OpenCart, it gives you ability to place 2 or more modules inside one HTML module and place it anywhere on your website.

How to update KulerThemes products?

Once you’re our customer, you’re free to update the purchased themes. We keep on updating our themes and integrating more modules to the themes monthly.

You can update by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to our website

Step 2: Hover the PC Mouse on LOGIN button in your top right corner and you will see Product Download link. Open it.

Step 3: Now you’re in the Product Download section already. Download the needed package to your computer and unzip it. For example, if you purchased Arcu Pro, please download the package Arcu Pro here.

Step 4: Copy the installation file to overwrite your old file.

File structures

CSS Structure

  1. stylesheet.css - Main stylesheet
  2. colors.css - stylesheet for 6 predefined colors
  3. module-styles.css - stylesheet for additional modules
  4. responsive.css - stylesheet for tablet / mobile devices
  5. ie.css - stylesheet for IE8 and older
  6. popup.css - stylesheet for lightbox in product details page
  7. carousel.css - stylesheet for default carousel module
  8. slideshow.css - stylesheet for default slideshow module

Javascript Structure

  1. pop.js - javascript code for lightbox in product details page
  2. utils.js - javascript code for smooth scroll, ie detection and toggle

Sources and Credits

I've used the following images, icons or other files as listed:

Wrap up

You’ve finished all installation with Arcu and the modules.

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How to start an online store with OpenCart?

To get support from us, please head to KulerThemes Support Forum or contact us by email